Things You Should Know Before Hiring Specialist Painter in Surrey & Hampshire

A simple kitchen makeover can instantly upgrade a property. But achieving your well-desired kitchen finish with an inexperienced painter might not be possible. Only a specialist painter in Surrey and Hampshire with years of experience and expertise in the field can offer your kitchen the look that stands out. Larsen Paint Finishes offer quality hand-painted kitchens in Hampshire.

Knowing the following facts, when you have specialist painters for kitchen painting, will be of great help:

  • Unrealistic Expectations Don’t Help Much

Hand painting a kitchen comes with its own set of drawbacks. Small stains here and there are quite common and covering them up takes extra effort. However, during the painting procedure, you can offer a few suggestions to the specialist painter in Surrey to make the work easier for both of you.

  • It Can Be Time Consuming

Painting a kitchen is probably a lazy Sunday project. It requires patience and can be time-consuming. Treating it as a simple DIY project can make your kitchen look rough and dull. Taking up the time a kitchen painting requires can make the efforts and the output look refined and polished.

specialist painter in Surrey

  • Cleaning the Wood before Painting Is Important

Your kitchen might look neat and clean to you but dust particles may still be invisible to the normal human eyes. Leaving the wood floor as it is can make it tough for the paint to stick to it. Wiping the wood with a grease remover allows the paint to sit.

  • Skipping Sanding Is Not Recommended At All

Even the near-perfect condition of the cabinets does not eliminate the need to sand them. Sanding them can give a kitchen a top-notch look.

 hand painted kitchen in Hampshire

  • Dusting Up the Cabinets Is Necessary

Starting the painting without vacuuming up the debris from the cabinets can give you a gritty finish. The presence of dust damages the entire look of a kitchen. To fix this, you might need to re-sand it and repaint it.

  • Considering the Aesthetics of Your Interior Decor is Mandatory

A minimalist house might lose its charm if the kitchen is covered with a multitude of colors. Considering the interior decor of a property plays a major role in synchronizing the look of it.

Hiring the services of Larsen Paint Finishes can offer you a kitchen that speaks to you. Consult our team to enjoy professionally hand-painted kitchens in Hampshire. Visit the website to know about our available services!