Hand Painted Kitchens

5 Hand Painted Kitchens Mistakes You Should Not Do

There is nothing like carrying out your handiwork and admiring it. The work becomes special when it comes to home improvements. It offers us a sense of accomplishment that feels good. Hand-painted kitchens are one of the most common home improvement projects that homeowners carry out. Larsen Paint Finishes is a reliable painting company that provides top-notch hand-painted kitchen in Hampshire.

Factors to Check & Consider

  • Keeping the Knobs and Handles at Place

Often painters do not consider it important to remove the knobs and handles from its place. But it makes the whole operation complicated.  Removing them makes the work easier and faster. It also allows to get a better finish.

  • Removing Cupboard Doors from its Place

While removing handles and knobs is preferable, the same might not be true for cupboard doors. Most painters prefer to keep the doors at its place intact as it enables the painter to do the work quicker. If a painter removes the doors from its place, he/she might need to wait longer to paint the other side of a door. Keeping it attached in its place eliminates this issue.

  • Painting Will Change the Appearance of the Room

Often homeowners do not believe that hand-painted kitchens can change the look in a certain way. It is necessary to consult a professional before carrying out any painting task to better understand what will suit a room more.

  • Randomly Selecting Colour

Colour plays a big role in influencing the appearance of a room. Choosing a colour without considering the colour palette of the rest of the room might affect it negatively.

  • Rushing the Process

Hand painting might seem like a light job but it’s not an easy task. Trying to complete the process in a few hours might end up as a mess. It is recommended to take the time required to paint a kitchen.

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