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About Us

Get the Service of the Best Specialist Painter in Hampshire from Larsen Paint Finishes

Gone are those days when we used simple paint on the walls of our kitchens. The specialist painter in Hampshire at the team in Larsen Paint Finishes has started a new genre by choosing the hand-painted style for the kitchens and the furniture sets.

Our company has been striving to maintain excellence in the craft for a few years. Moreover, our customers are happy with that. The consistency and flexibility of the Larsen Paint Finishes team make us dynamic in our service. The proficiency and reliability of our workers make us the first choice of the consumers.

Our Services

Do you know why people choose our painting company in Hampshire? The dynamism in our work and style makes us completely different. We love to explore various types of styles for our kitchen walls and furniture.

Have a look at some services provided by our company:

  • Hand Painted Kitchens
  • Hand Painted Furniture
  • Faux Finish Painted Work
  • Gilding Work
  • Colour Washing Service
  • Marbling
  • Wood Graining Service
  • Murals

Our Aims

The interior of the kitchen and the beauty in the furniture are some of the prime things that make your home appealing and aesthetic. Take a look at some of our aims.

Both our kitchen painters and furniture painters have the aim to increase the beauty of your home whenever you plan to decorate the style of your property.

Whether you are planning to construct a new home or deciding to remodel your property, our professionals aim to provide complete service in a natural way.

We have a future objective to provide some other services along with kitchen and furniture paint.

After looking at your priorities, our specialist painters in Hampshire in Larsen Paint Finishes believe that we can always provide you with every type of service on time. Even we try to bring a variety in our work style. You can explain to us your needs. We provide you with customized hand paint for the kitchens and furniture sets in your home. You just need to contact us at 07768795877 or shoot us an email at nicola@larsenpaintfinishes.com to get the services and hire our professional.

Here at Larsen Paint Finishes, we strive to maintain a tradition of excellence. We have been a consistent and trustworthy specialist painter in Hampshire.

For more information, feel free to contact us Now! Also, follow us on Instagram.

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